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The MIME type application/x-ami is used to denote the presence of Lotus Ami Pro or Word Pro documents. Even though this is a document format this MIME type is classified as "application".

Ami Pro documents use the extension SAM. Ami Pro was originally developed for the DOS platform by a computer software development company called Samna. Lotus then bought the program from its creators and ported it to run on the Windows and OS/2 platform. Later, Ami Pro was replaced by Lotus" Word Pro "97. Being a Lotus product, it was automatically acquired by IBM when they bought Lotus.

The Lotus Word Pro is the successor of Ami Pro in every way and it supports all the Ami Pro files and functions. Ami Pro had the distinction of being the first ever fully functional word processor for the Windows Platform because Microsoft Word came in one year after its launch. At the time, Ami Pro was bundled with the Windows version of the Adobe Type Manager because the platform lacked true scalable fonts of its own. Microsoft was given valuable information by the Ami Pro development team during their operation, which the company used to enhance the Windows Platform.

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