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The MIME type text/csv is used to denote the presence of comma separated values or CSV format files. This MIME type belongs to the category ‘text’.

Comma separated values files carry the extension CSV. They are usually referred to as CSV files. These files are used to store digital data structured as a table of lists. Here, each member or associated item that is also associated with others is separated by a comma. In this structure, each line in the CSV files corresponds to a row in the table. Within each line, the fields of the table are separated by commas and each of these fields belongs to a column in the table.

This is a simple file format that finds many uses in modern day applications. It is used to transport data between different applications that are otherwise incompatible with each other. Due to its structure, the most common form of data moved through these files is tabular data. Hence, spreadsheets are often exported and imported as CSV files. These spreadsheets in CSV formats can then be fed in to a database and output from the database in a CSV file can be fed in to spreadsheet programs.

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