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The MIME type application/acad is used to indicate the presence of an AutoCAD Drawing database file and the encoding required for it. This MIME type belongs to the ‘application’ category.

These are files that are native to the AutoCAD application and generally carry the extension DWG. DWG was first introduced by AutoCAD and has now become the de facto standard in the CAD industry for interoperability of CAD files. Another file type supported by AutoCAD is DXF interchange format, which is also used quite commonly. Recently, AutoCAD has included support for the SWF file format as well. This file format has been developed by Autodesk and is promoted by them for publishing CAD data.

AutoCAD is a CAD application developed by Autodesk for various 3d and 3d designing purposes. It was one of the first such applications to run on the personal computer. Over the years, AutoCAD has become more sophisticated. Autodesk has released APIs in multiple programming languages like C++, AutoLISP, Visual LISP, VBA, .NET, etc. for integrating custom objects in CAD projects. It has become an industry standard for computer aided designing. Even though there was an attempt to be cross-platform, AutoCAD is exclusive to Windows at the time of writing.

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