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The MIME type application-x/IT Works is used to denote the presence of an IT Works database file and the encoding that this file type requires. This MIME type falls under the category "application-x" or "miscellaneous/unknown applications".

These files carry the extension ITW and are database files of IT Works a database creation and management software. Database files are used to maintain specific database systems.

A database is a collection of logically related records or entries. It is used to consolidate the data in to one single multi-accessible pool that can be accessed, managed and updated by relevant applications and programs. Databases are generally responsible not for storage of the data but for giving organized access to the data to applications that demand it.

One way of categorizing databases is classification based on the type of data that they carry bibliographic, full-text, numeric and images.

Databases are organized by following specific organization models. The most commonly used model is the relational model that correlates data so that when one record is accessed, other similar records are brought up as well. The other models such as "hierarchical model" and "network model" are actually built by creating a more explicit representation of the relationships.

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