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The MIME type application/x-brioquery is used to denote the presence of BrioQuery files. This MIME type is categorized as "application".

The BrioQuery files carry the extension BQY. BrioQuery is built for client/server database environments and is meant to work as an ad hoc query and reporting application. This application is used in large database situations where there is an entire data warehouse and/or data mart to deal with. The main purpose of BrioQuery is to simplify the process of querying, analyzing and reporting. It combines all three of those steps in to one single user-friendly interface.

Data warehouses and data marts are becoming exceedingly common in large businesses. These databases are built using both relational and OLAP models and extremely complex. Information is gathered from various sources and is then put together in one single place using vast arrays of systems. The user of the BrioQuery client software is rendered able to access and analyze information from these massive databases in an easy to use manner. BrioQuery client can be used for ad hoc querying, graphical analysis, tabular "pivot" reporting and comprehensive reporting.

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