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The MIME type application/annodex is used to denote the presence of Annodex format files. This MIME type belongs to the "application" category.

The Annodex format uses the file extension ANX. Annodex is a container format that is meant to represent time-continuous data on the Internet in a manner that provides searchable data within these time-continuous files. The group working behind this standard proposes to do so with the help of a container format like HTML and has devised a markup language called CMML, short for Continuous Media Markup Language. Annodex is proposed as a time-synchronous bit-stream that contains the continuous media data.

The motivation behind Annodex is to make the audio and video files of all relevant formats searchable and linkable as plain text currently is on the Internet. Currently, time-continuous media such as audio and video are impenetrable. Their internal data cannot be indexed or linked to other forms of data. Once a time-continuous format is reached, it can only be consumed and nothing else can be done with it. Annodex proposes to change this and create a standard that will remove the codec specific multiplexing/demultiplexing information that is required to run any such file. It is still under development and is not under wide implementation or usage.

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open anx file

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