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The MIME Type application/aepgraph is used to denote the presence of Aepyrus graph image or screen saver format files. This MIME type falls under the "application" category.

Aepyrus Graph Image and Screen Saver format files format carry the extension AGR. The Aepyrus program was created as a personal project for mapping algebra functions to visual representations. Initially, the program was created in a line number basic programming language and was it was able to create only two dimensional 2D Cartesian imagery.

Later, it was rewritten in C++ and polar, cylindrical, spherical and time-dependant plots were added to it. The performance and accuracy of the program were also improved. As the complexity of the program increased, the developer enabled the application to create system screensavers. This would allow the user to create the plots and then keep them as screensavers on the system.

The application was published in 1998 in an attempt to commercialize it. The attempt did not yield favorable results for the developer. The program was never meant to be analytical and no such functions were ever added to it. Hence it is of no use as a research tool, which reduced its commercial viability. The program remains as a visual imagery creation tool that can create animated 3D objects and export them to different file formats.

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