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The MIME type application/activewords-wordbase is used to denote the presence of ActiveWords word database format files. The category of this MIME type is "application".

These files usually carry the extension AWB and are used by the ActiveWords program to maintain a database of the word associations created by the user, as well as stock and automatically generated associations done through indexing. These database files are key to the proper and intelligent functioning of the ActiveWords program and hence are required to be free of corruption and errors at all times. These databases tend to be system specific and hence they are not always portable.

The ActiveWords software program is developed and maintained by the company called ActiveWords Systems Incorporated. The program is meant to simplify the process of operating and recalling things on a computer. It is developed solely for use with the Windows Platform. It uses word associations to recall files, folders, locations, websites, etc. through a daemon process that runs in the background. The user can type in single or multiple words to call up files, folders and applications associated with the word. This is usable inside a web browser as well. In the advanced versions of the program there is a simplified scripting language that can be used to automate actions.

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