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The MIME type application/activewords-package is used to denote the presence of ActiveWords Compressed format files. This MIME type falls under the "application" category.

This file type is used by the ActiveWords program and it carries the extension AWZIP. The AWZIP format is used by ActiveWords to create compressed files that are easier to move over the network and take up less space during storage. However, these files need to be unpacked when they are brought in to use. This file type is a proprietary format meant for ActiveWords and is not compatible with any other program.

ActiveWords is a software program developed by ActiveWords Systems Incorporated for the Windows platform. This software integrates with the Windows OS to provide multiple text-based functionalities within the OS. It provides automatic text substitution across the OS, independent of applications. It also enables the user to call up files, folders and applications by name. User may also type in words to call up web pages associated with those words. ActiveWords also has advanced versions that have a simplified scripting language for easily automating actions.

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